mars / marshall he/they/it twenty | queer

POSSE christa, jenna, rev, maya, laurie, sappho. mutuals ask for my pers IG or snap <3


can leo gem


i occasionally use tone tags. use he/him if we're not close. i tw common triggers. i use nsfw humor and don't censor profanity or reclaimed slurs. i don't always respond quickly.

don't follow if...

fit general DNFI criteria. under 17. invalidate mogai + neopronoun users. radfem, terf, transmed. anti-acab or anti-blm.

YAY!history, reading, van gogh, olive green, opossums, music, sharks, onomastics, 60s 70s & 80s fandoms: MBMBAM & TAZ, OFMD, marvel, etc.
NAY!math, spicy food, loud noises, reality tv, boring socks, being cold


MUSIC! genreless 60s-80s, rock, mellow gold, r&b, etc.
led zeppelin, queen, hozier, greta van fleet, eagles, foreigner, bee gees . . . and much more!
FILM & TV! action, drama, comedy, thriller, etc
taika waititi's filmography boy (2010), jojo rabbit (2019) next goal wins (2023), our flag means death (2022-), sherlock holmes (2009/2011), the magnificent seven (2016), john wick series, tombstone (1993), catch me if you can (2002), zookeeper (2011), a few good men (1992)